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It barely seems like a year since I was here looking back at 2017 and as we review another year of rapid change, the tenth anniversary of the Climate Change Act also affords us the opportunity to consider how much the industry has transformed itself over a longer period.

The records tumbling throughout 2018 have illustrated this. Over half of our generation now comes from low carbon sources and we have now gone coal free for the equivalent of two months. This transformation exemplifies how we have responded to the challenge of reducing emissions but - as the stark warning presented by the recent IPCC report shows - we have much much further to go. We need to redouble our efforts not just in generation but in those other sectors which have lagged behind such as transport and heating and where Energy UK has continued to play an active role in 2018.

With mergers and a looming price cap accompanying ever growing competition and choice, the retail market also faces a time of unprecedented change. By launching major pieces of work this year like the Future of Energy project and the Commission for Customers in Vulnerable Circumstances, we are showing our determination to rise to the challenge of creating a market that works for all.

Proud as we are of this innovative and dynamic industry, we also know that we must keep working to ensure that it reflects the population we serve. That’s why initiatives like the newly established Equality and Diversity Forum and the ongoing work of Pride in Energy and the Young Energy Professionals Forum are so important.

Just as Energy UK prospers through a 100+ membership that reflects the changing nature of our industry, to be fully equipped for the challenges of the future we must continue to work towards an inclusive and diverse sector that develops and nurtures the talent we will need from all backgrounds.

Lawrence Slade
Chief Executive, Energy UK

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