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Brexit and European Affairs

The UK got a six-month extension to Brexit to 31 October 2019. Energy UK carries on its engagement and its preparation for a no deal exit and for the negotiations on the future relationship with the EU. Back in 2018, Energy UK published its position paper ‘Brexit and the future EU-UK relationship’ in which we call for an Energy and Climate Chapter to be included in the future agreement to ensure the smooth functioning of energy markets, the continued free flow of energy, and cooperation on the joint ambition to combat climate change in as cost-effective a way as possible for customers and businesses.

Despite the difficulties experienced in the UK on agreeing a deal, Energy UK and its members continue to call for a deal with a transition period, allowing for the current trading relationship to continue, as the best outcome for the energy industry and its customers - as well as for the country as a whole. Delaying the departure date to 31 October causes certain practical issues and prolong the uncertainty for businesses on all sectors of the economy.

In the lead up to 31 October, Energy UK and its members have been stepping up their preparations for an exit without a deal, putting mitigating measures in place where possible to ensure members can continue to operate in an efficient and safe manner. Energy UK remains hopeful that a deal can be agreed and carries on its engagement with the UK government and the EU throughout 2019, through regular meetings with the relevant government departments, Ministers and MPs, as well as hosting events in Brussels which provide a useful platform to share views and hopes between the UK and other EU countries on what the future relationship might look like. We will also continue our engagement with the European associations- Eurelectric and Eurogas- on a number of topics in various policy areas. This cooperation remains important, irrespective of the Brexit outcome.
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